Rebekah Rae Peck


Rebekah Rae Peck is a writer, producer, and occasional unicorn from Los Angeles, CA. Yes, the unicorn bit refers to the fact that she was actually born in Los Angeles and not in fact that she is a furry. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing and Screenwriting from Florida State University, mainly because she enjoys paying out of state tuition for a film degree but also because of the fantastic Tallahassee weather. She loves telling stories that make people laugh and is a particular fan of unconventional and unsympathetic protagonists. She is currently overseeing development at a small entertainment company in Culver City while serving as creative producer for brand sponsored entertainment, but dreams of one day being the HBIC of her very own television show. In her spare time you can find her binge watching Netflix, taking photos of her cats, and forcing herself to write. Rebekah is also fluent in sarcasm, enjoys bossing people around, and will never turn down a cute animal photo so should you find yourself in need of a cute animal meme that will boss you around smarmily, shoot her an email. Or you know, if you want to make something cool with her, or hire her… that works too.

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